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The network

Our work is presented on this site. However, we have created several satellite sites for presentation, communication and marketing needs.
These sites use this copyright notice or have one of their own. However, the present is the main one of our network of sites.

The main sites belonging to our network are:

    our graphic laboratory that produces most of the internal creatives and customers, the various banners and advertising posters, the layouts of websites, etc.
    the site presents some of the software produced by us, in a standalone package version.

Open source projects

I.T.A. Solution develops open source projects, uses them in its creations or integrates them into more complex projects.
Both the projects issued by us with this type of license, and those of third parties, each have their own information and all credits must be attributed to the respective authors. All related licenses must be kept unchanged.

Copyright exclusion

I.T.A. Solution uses names, brands and products owned by third parties. Therefore, all the names, trademarks, products and services that are mentioned on the site and which are trademarks or registered trademarks or otherwise owned by third parties that hold the rights are excluded from this copyright notice.